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Specialized Manufacturing Capabilities

CNC machining (including 3- and 5-axis), milling and turning
Injection Molding, Sheet Metal Stamping, Die Casting, Forging
Over 60+ metals and plastics
Top-notch product reprocessing capabilities

Comprehensive Quality Processes

Material Test Reports
Material Certificates
Certificates of Conformance
First Article Inspections
CMM Inspection Report
Full Dimensional Inspections

Comprehensive Quality Processes

Special tooling
Sample size inspection
Dimensional checks with calibrated equipment
Review of all quality documentation
Top Automotive Industry Hardware Applications
Top Automotive Industry Hardware Applications
Top Automotive Industry Hardware Applications

Top Automotive Industry Hardware Applications

 Rapid prototyping with: Additive manufacturing, CNC machining
 Support for vehicular consumer electronics
 Commercial & utility vehicle parts
 EV battery testing components
 Parts for resurrecting older technologies

Top Automotive Industry Manufacturing Capabilities

CNC Machining
Injection Molding
Sheet Metal Stamping
Die Casting

Automotive Industry Components Materials

01 Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, making it an ideal material for producing lightweight automotive parts. The metal has a variety of favorable properties, including stiffness, corrosion resistance, ductility and high machinability. Aluminum is ideal for the manufacture of engine blocks, structural supports, wheels, cylinder heads and more.

02 Titanium

Types of aerospace steels include low-alloyed ultra-high-strength steels, secondary hardening ultra-high-strength steels and ultra-high-strength maraging steels. These steels are characterized by high strength, high toughness and light weight, and are widely used in structural parts such as aircraft landing gears, high-end bearing steels, precision gears, ships and rocket engine casings.

03 Steel

Titanium alloy is a lightweight, high-strength, corrosion-resistant metal. Aviation titanium alloy is mainly used in aircraft structural parts, aero-engine structural parts and aviation fasteners. Aircraft structural titanium alloy use temperature requirements are generally 350 ℃ or less, the requirements of its high specific strength, good toughness, excellent fatigue resistance, good welding process performance, etc., the main application parts of the landing gear components, frames, beams, fuselage skins, heat shields and so on.

05 Thermoplastics

There are many types of thermoplastics with use in the automotive industry, including HDPE, Polypropylene, Acrylic, Polycarbonate, PPS, ABS, and PC-ABS. These thermoplastics have excellent properties, ranging from high impact resistance to the ability to resist high temperatures. PPS. For instance, it has excellent dimensional stability, temperature tolerance, and resistance to stiffness. You find thermoplastics in vehicle interiors, as well as battery frames and vehicle bumpers.

04 Copper

Copper plays a huge role in comfort, efficiency, and safety in the automotive industry. It is an excellent conductor of electricity, highly ductile, and malleable. It has application in most of the vehicle’s electronic components, including vehicle’s wire harness, radiator, starter motor, alternator, and brake tubes.

06 Nylon

Nylon is probably the most useful synthetic material with diverse applications. It is a tenacious material due to its strong fiber. It also has a smooth, uniform surface, which gives it application in producing vehicle bushings, fittings, rivets, threaded components, and washers.

Surface Finishing Of Aerospace Parts

01 Anodizing

Surface treatment technology that generates a protective layer of metal oxide film on the surface of metal materials through electrolysis. This treatment can enhance the surface coloring, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, hardness, and play a protective role on the surface of the material.

02 Micro-Arc Oxidation

On the surface of non-ferrous metals and their alloys using micro-arc area instantaneous high temperature sintering effect, in situ growth of ceramic oxide film protective layer of surface treatment technology. Micro-arc oxidation to overcome some of the shortcomings of anodic oxidation, the generation of ceramic oxide film has a strong bond with the substrate, high hardness and strength, good insulation, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant and so on.

03 Electroplated

Electrochemical reactions in a solution with the aid of an external electric current result in the deposition of a metal or alloy on the surface of a conductor. Electroplating is capable of treating the surfaces of complex devices and is therefore widely used for surface protection of aerospace-related materials.

05 Bead blasting

Bead blasting leaves materials looking smoother, shinier, and cleaner. It has been used on a wider range of materials, including metals, plastic, rubber, and glass.

04 Hot Spraying

Materials (such as metals or ceramics) are melted into tiny particles by means of a high-temperature, high-speed air stream and then sprayed onto the surface of the part to form a protective layer.

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