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  • Understanding Flatness in CNC Machined Parts


    Are you creating a prototype or mechanical component with flat surfaces? Even if your designs seem flat, post-production warping can significantly impact prototype validation and part assembly. Before finalizing the design of your machined part with a flat surface, there are several considerations y Read More
  • 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Machined Parts


    Optimize part design to reduce CNC machining time and costDesigning parts for CNC machining might appear simple, as it involves removing material from a solid block to achieve the desired shape. However, numerous design challenges can occur if manufacturability is not considered. Our engineering exp Read More
  • Expert Guide To CNC Machining Surface Finishes Tips And Practices for Success


    Surface finish plays a crucial role in CNC machining, as many applications demand both aesthetic appeal and functional design. With access to advanced tools and quality checks, modern industrial designers strive to ensure the functionality of their designs. Therefore, CNC machining surface finishes Read More
  • Plastic CNC Machining Create Custom CNC Machined Parts with Accuracy


    While CNC machining is often associated with metallic workpieces, it's essential to recognize its extensive applicability to plastics as well. Plastic CNC machining stands as a prevalent process across various industries. The widespread adoption of plastic machining stems from the diverse range of a Read More
  • The Most Cost-Effective Materials To Use for Plastic Machining


    CNC plastic machining stands out as a flexible manufacturing method renowned for its remarkable precision and accuracy. Moreover, its compatibility with a wide array of plastic materials, including ABS and Nylon, further enhances its appeal. Plastic CNC machined parts find extensive utility across d Read More
  • Design Tips for Die Casting


    Die casting involves injecting molten metal into a mold at high pressure, enabling the production of intricately shaped parts that are challenging or impossible to create through conventional machining methods. Thus, the significance of meticulous design cannot be overstated in die casting endeavors Read More
  • How To Choose The Suitable Material for Injection Molding


    According to incomplete statistics, there are 45 polymer series in the material library, up to 85000 kinds of plastics, which can be roughly divided into two categories: thermosetting plastics and thermoplastics. Injection molding is one of the most commonly used methods for manufacturing large quan Read More
  • Design Tips For CNC Machining


    Precision and accuracy are essential in CNC machining design to ensure high-quality results. For this reason, there exist established design rules specific to the most prevalent features of CNC machined parts. 1. Avoid excessively thin wallsReducing wall thickness impacts material stiffness and mach Read More
  • Material Guide for Manufacturing Plastic Prototypes


    When manufacturing plastic prototypes, it seems difficult to select more suitable materials, especially considering the need for mass production of plastic parts. This paper aims to clarify the main types of plastic materials available and the application of each material. 1. Different types of plas Read More
  • Surface Finishes for CNC Machining


    This article aims to offer a comprehensive overview of surface finish choices tailored to CNC machined metal parts. It seeks to assist you in navigating through the available options and selecting the most suitable finishes for your specific applications. Freshly CNC machined metal parts often exhib Read More
  • Solution To Realize The Manufacturing of Prototyping-of-optical-parts-for-cars


    It is a challenging job to manufacture the prototyping-of-optical-parts-for-cars for the most Rapid prototyping company, The hardest part is how to make the optical parts clear. Cars bring great convenience to people and iterated out many brands and models every years. Especially the popular electri Read More
  • Aluminum Alloys: Preferred Materials for Automotive, Aerospace, And Beyond


    Aluminum is a common and popular metal, ubiquitous in various parts and products. We will explore why aluminum is so widely used, the abundance of aluminum alloys, and briefly introduce the primary alloys we use at Zonze.Aluminum, a common and highly sought-after metal, finds its place in a wide arr Read More
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