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ZONZE Offers A Wide Range Of Manufacturing Processes And High-Quality Surface Treatment Processing Services.
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Our Portfolio Of Surface Finishing

Details Of Our Surface Treatment Applications

Thumbnail Name Description Materials Download
download As-machined The standard finish for our parts, the “as machined” finish, has a surface roughness of 3.2 μm (126 μin), which removes sharp edges and deburs parts cleanly. All materials Download
download Bead Blasting Bead blasting is the process of powerfully propelling, generally with high pressure, a stream of blast media against a surface to remove unwanted coating layers and surface impurities. Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper Download
download Polishing Ranging from Ra 1.6~Ra0.1, polishing processes use an abrasive material to rub the part’s surface to make the shine more less shiny, depending on your requirements. All materials Download
download Oxidizing Our oxidizing process maintains the corrosion and wear resistance of the parts over time. Anodizing is also an ideal surface treatment process for painting and priming, and it looks great too. Aluminum Download
download Electroplating Electroplated coating preserves the surface of parts and resists rusts and other defects from causing decay by applying electric currents to reduce metal cations. Aluminum, steel, stainless steel Download
download Powder Coating Using corona discharge, we make the powder coating adsorbed to the part, creating a more wear-resistant layer with a typical thickness ranging from 50 μm up to 150 μm. All metal materials Download

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