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Custom Sheet Metal Stamping Services

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Sheet Metal Stamping Services

What Is Sheet Metal Stamping?

Metal stamping is a manufacturing process in which coils or flat sheets of material are formed into specific shapes. Stamping encompasses multiple forming techniques such as blanking, punching, embossing, and progressive die stamping, to mention just a few. Parts use either a combination of these techniques or independently, depending on the piece’s complexity. In the process, blank coils or sheets get fed into a stamping press which uses tools and dies to form features and surfaces in the metal. Metal stamping is an excellent way to mass-produce various complex parts, from car door panels and gears to small electrical components used in phones and computers. Stamping processes are highly-adopted in automotive, industrial, lighting, medical, and other industries.
Progressive Die Stamping: Progressive die stamping is a metal-forming process that producers usually use to create parts, especially for automobiles, electronics and consumer devices. In progressive die stamping, the sheet metal is processed in several different workstations where one or multiple stamping operations are carried out.
Transfer Press Stamping: In transfer press stamping, parts are transferred from one station to another by an automated mechanical system. In situations where the part must be free from the metal strip to enable operation to be carried out in a free state, a transfer press is used.

ZONZE can supply any quantity of sheet metal parts from low-volume, high-mix prototypes to high-volume production runs. ZONZE offers competitive, custom sheet metal fabricating prices for low volume prototypes and cost savings for high volume production runs.

Custom Sheet Metal Services

Suitable for prototyping and small to medium volume customized production; applications in aerospace, automotive industry, 5G communications, medical devices, etc.

Progressive Stamping Services

Widely used in automation, high-volume stamping parts production and processing; commonly used in aerospace, electronic products, automotive industry, medical devices, agriculture and other fields.

Transfer Press Stamping Services

Advantages: manufacturing complex parts, improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, improve the stability of quality; widely used in the automotive industry, the field of electronic products.

Custom Sheet Metal Stamping Materials

Stainless Steel

Custom Sheet Metal Finishes

Bead Blast
Anodize (Type II Or Type III)
Chem Film (Chromate Conversion Coating)
Powder Coat
Electroless Nickel Plating

How we manage your sheet metal stamping project​​​​​​​

Sheet Metal Stamping FAQs

 What services does ZONZE offer in sheet metal stamping manufacturing?
ZONZE offers a full range of services including sheet metal prototyping, small batch production, stamping large batch production, assembly and more!
 What ISO certifications do you have?
We are ISO 9001 and ISO 16949 certified.
 What are the tolerance requirements for sheet metal stamping?
Sheet metal fabrication tolerances are acceptable deviations of sheet metal part features required for accurate and consistent installation and integration.
For sheet metal parts, ZONZE usually uses ISO 2768-mk to ensure proper control of geometric and dimensional elements.

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Zonze focuses on multi-process assembly services, facilitated by its array of metal and plastic product processing workshops.

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