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Die Casting Services

What Is Die Casting?

Die casting is a kind of precision casting method that uses high pressure to force the molten metal to be pressed into a complex shaped metal mold.

Die casting is the manufacturing process of choice when producing high volumes of relatively complex metal parts and is widely used due to its versatility, reliability, and accuracy. Die casting eliminates all or most secondary operations needed to make a metal part; however, post-machining is common to meet tighter critical-to-function tolerances. Die casting parts can also be post-processed in any finish their respective CNC machined counterparts can.

ZONZE's Precision Die Casting Service

Hot Chamber Die Casting

Hot chamber die-casting process: simple production process, high efficiency, low metal consumption, stable process; applicable to zinc alloy and low melting point alloy.

Cold Chamber Die Casting

Cold chamber die casting process is suitable for zinc, aluminum, magnesium, copper and other alloys.

Custom Die Casting Materials

Aluminum Alloys
Aluminum die casting alloy is lightweight structural metal mainly containing silicon, copper, magnesium, iron, manganese, and zinc. 

It exhibits high thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, cutting performance, and small linear shrinkage, making it has excellent casting performance and filling ability.

Moreover, aluminum alloys can maintain good mechanical properties under high or low temperatures because of their small density and high strength.

Commonly used Aluminum alloys: A380, A360, A390, A413, ADC-12, ADC-1
Zinc Alloys
The main elements added to zinc die casting alloy are aluminum, copper and magnesium. 
It provides a good surface finish without the need for secondary processing. Importantly, zinc alloy is more cost-effective and stronger than other comparable alloys. 
Also, it has better fluidity and corrosion resistance so they are mainly used for die-casting meters, automotive parts housings, and other complex metal parts.
Commonly used Zinc alloys: 
Zamak-2, Zamak-3, ZA-8
Magnesium Alloys
The main alloying elements of Magnesium die casting alloy are aluminum, zinc, manganese, cerium, thorium and a small amount of zirconium or cadmium.
It has the advantages of high strength, low viscosity, good fluidity, great corrosion resistance and easy filling of complex cavities.
Magnesium alloy can be used for die casting of mold and thin-wall parts without thermal cracks.
Commonly used Magnesium alloys: 
AZ91D, AM60B

Custom Die Casting Finishes

Bead Blast
Anodize (Type II Or Type III)
Chem Film (Chromate Conversion Coating)
Powder Coat
Electroless Nickel Plating

Die Casting Advantages And Disadvantages

Advantages Of Die Casting

Complex Geometry
Die casting can reliably produce custom die cast parts with thin walls and challenging geometry that is durable and dimensionally stable.

Metal die castings are typically stronger than plastic injection molded parts and more resistant to high temperatures. Metals such as aluminum offer exceptional strength-to-weight ratios.

Die casting offers typical tolerances ranging from +/-0.003″ – 0.005″ per inch but can go as tight as +/- .001” depending on your specifications, part geometry, and material.

Custom Finishes
Metal finishers can produce cast parts with smooth or textured surfaces, paints, and plating finishes. Finishes can protect from corrosion and improve cosmetic appearance.

Disadvantages Of Die Casting

Tooling Cost
While the per piece cost of die cast parts is relatively low, the tooling dies and maintenance costs can require a high initial investment.

Tooling Cost
While the per piece cost of die cast parts is relatively low, the tooling dies and maintenance costs can require a high initial investment.

Lead Times
Before production, many steps must be accomplished first, often taking multiple weeks to execute. These steps include addressing DFM concerns, tool design, manufacturing the tools, and creating samples. The upfront checks and validations make die casting one of the slower manufacturing processes to ramp up compared to others.

How we manage your sheet metal stamping project​​​​​​​

Die Casting Applications

Die casting is a versatile manufacturing technique, and it plays an important role in creating and producing many modern products, from aerospace structural parts to electrical enclosures. ZONZE has provided innovative manufacturing solutions for different industrial applications. We offer high quality parts at competitive pricing to value customers in the following industries:  
  Automotive Parts 
  Aerospace Industry 
 Commercial & Consumer Products 
 Appliances and Lighting

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