Manufacturing Materials

ZONZE Offers More Than 60 Metals And Plastics Suitable For A Wide Range Of Manufacturing Processes.
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Manufacturing Materials

At ZONZE, our Injection Molding services are a cornerstone of our manufacturing excellence. Specializing in both thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic materials, we offer custom injection molding that caters to a variety of applications from consumer electronics to automotive parts. Our team employs the latest technology and innovative techniques to ensure precision, durability, and aesthetic appeal in every component. Our expertise in material selection and design optimization makes us a leader in producing high-quality, cost-effective injection molded parts that meet the exacting standards of our clients.

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CNC Machining
Injection Molding
Sheet Metal Stamping
Die Casting

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Zonze focuses on multi-process assembly services, facilitated by its array of metal and plastic product processing workshops.

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