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  • Design Tips for Die Casting


    Die casting involves injecting molten metal into a mold at high pressure, enabling the production of intricately shaped parts that are challenging or impossible to create through conventional machining methods. Thus, the significance of meticulous design cannot be overstated in die casting endeavors Read More
  • 13 Common Defects in Die-Casting Products And Their Solutions


    1、Surface of the casting has patterns and visible traces of metal flow.Causes:The runner leading to the casting inlet is too shallow.Excessive shot-to-shot pressure ratio, causing excessively high metal flow velocity, leading to metal splashing.Adjustment Methods:Deepen the gate runner.Reduce the sh Read More
  • Zinc Alloy Die Casting Vs Aluminum Alloy Die Casting: What Are The Differences?


    Die casting is a manufacturing technique suitable for producing parts that are complex in design, require precision, and are produced in large volumes. This technique is compatible with metals, with popular choices being zinc, magnesium, and aluminum. Among these various materials, zinc die casting Read More
  • The Process of Anodizing Die-cast Aluminum Alloys Is Briefly Described As Follows


    Why Use Die-Cast Aluminum Alloys?Die-cast aluminum alloys are chosen for specific reasons. CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machined cases often result in high yield rates and excellent surface quality, but they come with high costs, extensive CNC usage, and long processing times. This is a typical Read More

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